Become an Owner

Cottage and/or Mobil-Home

Whether as a financial investment, to enjoy a second home, or both, the purchase of a mobil-home or cottage is a pleasurable investment that will benefit your whole family.

Why become a homeowner with us?

The hinterland, allows you to largely enjoy this serenity, while having the possibility, in half an hour,
to reach the beaches and the fine sand, to spend an evening in Sète or Pézenas,
or to go and enjoy the fresh water of the Hérault.

The campsite/village where everyone knows each other and rubs shoulders!

Conviviality will also be enhanced by creating links with other owners and tenants,
around the restaurant bar or swimming pool.

Your property? It's possible!

For periods when you are not present, you can, if you wish, rent your mobil-home and thus have an interesting financial return.

VILLAGE AZUR will take care of :

  • Find tenants
  • Welcome them and give them the keys to the mobil-home
  • Make an inventory of your mobil-home between rentals
  • Cleaning of your mobil-home between rentals

The door is open!

If you already own a mobil-home and would like to change your views, we can also welcome you.

Your best family memories start here